Three Signs that Roof Repair in Hammond Is Needed

A home’s roof is important because it offers safety, comfort, and protection from the elements. Most homeowners hope their home’s roof can withstand the elements and time and only rarely require repair or replacement. However, every homeowner should always be on the lookout for warning signs that something is amiss with their roof. Three signs that roof repair in Hammond is needed are the presence of dark or damaged shingles, light or rain in the attic, and staining on ceilings or walls.

Dark or Damaged Shingles

One sign that roof repair is needed is the presence of dark or damaged shingles. The cracking and curling of shingles are signs that the shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan. Shingles that are very dirty or wet indicate the presence of trapped moisture. Some shingles might become so damaged that they detach, leaving an opening for water. No matter the problem, shingles such as these must be replaced.

Light or Rain in the Attic

The presence of outside light and water in a home’s attic are other signs that roof repair is needed. If a homeowner notices light in their attic that seems to be coming from the sun or moon, the culprit could be gaps in the roofing material. Water can get in through these openings as well, and a homeowner may notice puddles of water in the attic following a rainstorm. In order to solve these problems, the gaps must be repaired.

Staining on Ceilings or Walls

The next sign that roof repair is needed is the presence of staining on ceilings or walls. From time to time, a homeowner may notice stains on their walls near the ceilings or on the ceilings themselves. While these stains could be caused by a number of things, one real possibility is water entering the home. This is usually due to damage in the roof’s underlayment and often requires full roof replacement.

Gluth Brothers Roofing Co Inc. can provide Roof Repair in Hammond. Whether the problem is the presence of dark or damaged shingles, light or water in the attic, or staining on ceilings or walls, the roofing contractors can help. Repair is available for a variety of roofing problems and roofing styles. Total roof replacement is available as well. Click here today for more information.

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