Three Reasons to Use an Oak Grove, KY Car Transport Service When You Move

Are you getting ready to move to another state? There’s a lot to consider if you are. One thing a lot of people overlook until very late in the process is how they are going to move their vehicle, especially if they have more than one. Have you considered hiring a towing service for auto transport in Oak Grove, KY?

Here are three reasons you should.

You Lease – If you lease your vehicle, you can only put a certain number of miles on it before you get charged a surcharge. A cross-country move could put a massive dent in this total. When you hire a company for auto transport in Oak Grove KY, you will put zero miles on your car while you move.

Wear and Tear – Driving long distances can put a lot of wear and tear on your car. It drains oil, wears down tires, can cause small body damage, and more. Load your car safely on the back of a tow truck. Then it can be driven across the country without sustaining any damage in the process.

Cost – When you consider the cost of using a transport service, compare it to the amount you will spend on food, hotels, gas, and other incidentals during your long drive. In many cases, the difference in cost isn’t as much as they thought it would be.

If you are in need of a car transport, Merciful Towing can help you get your vehicle wherever you want it to go.