Three Reasons to Carry Homeowner’s Liability Insurance in Sun City, AZ

Does your homeowner’s insurance include a liability policy? If not, you could be left with a mountain of expenses when someone is injured on your property. Are you one of the many homeowners who thinks they don’t need liability insurance? Consider these three reasons to add liability coverage to your policy.

You Invite Guests Over

If you entertain frequently, it’s only a matter of time before a guest experiences an accident on your property. Contact an insurance agency in Sun City, AZ , about adding liability coverage before it’s too late.

You Have a Pet

Just because your dog isn’t an aggressive breed doesn’t mean that he isn’t a liability. A friendly retriever or terrier can also inflict a bite, and the owner can be found at fault even if the dog was provoked by the victim.

You Own a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are one of the biggest hazards you can have on your property. Even if your guests are good swimmers, children can still wander onto your property and drown when you aren’t looking. Consider a consultation with an insurance agency in Sun City, AZ, before breaking ground on your new pool to make sure you’re covered.Are you ready to protect your home and family with a homeowner’s liability policy? Ideal Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing the coverage you need at the best rates available. Visit to explore our services and request a free quote.

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