Three Reasons A Person Should Go To A Walk-In Clinic In Eatontown, NJ When They Are Sick

When a person is sick, they may require medical treatment to get better. There are plenty of illnesses that can only be treated with medications such as antibiotics or steroids, and they need to be prescribed by a doctor. When it comes to getting the treatment that they need, the person’s best option is a Walk-In Clinic in Eatontown NJ.

Walk-In Service

When a person is sick, they want to be treated as quickly as possible so they can start to feel better. If the individual calls their primary care physician, there is no guarantee the doctor will have an opening in their schedule. If there isn’t, the person would need to wait before they start feeling better. A walk-in clinic doesn’t require patients to have an appointment. The individual can be treated the day they start feeling sick.

Convenient Hours

Most primary care physicians have set hours. Many offices are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If a person works and they cannot miss any time, they cannot get the treatment they need when they aren’t feeling well. If the individual starts feeling sick during the weekend, they would need to wait until Monday to see their doctor. Most walk-in clinics have very flexible hours. They are open late into the evening and on weekends. This will give the individual a chance to get the care they need even if their primary care physician’s office is closed.

Shorter Wait Than the ER

When many people get sick, and they cannot get in to see their primary physician, they often go to the emergency room. While they can get the treatment that they need, they could be waiting in the ER for hours. Emergency rooms treat patients based on the severity of their condition. If the sick person is next in line but an ambulance comes in carrying a severely injured patient, it will extend the wait. This can happen again and again, leaving the sick person waiting in the emergency room for hours. Since walk-in clinics don’t take critically injured or ill patients, the wait wouldn’t be half as long as it would be at the emergency room.

If a person is sick and they want to be treated as quickly as possible, it pays to visit a Walk-in Clinic in Eatontown NJ. For more information you can also visit them at Central Jersey Urgent Care of Eatontown.

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