Three Problems You Need to Call a Plumber for

It can be hard to know exactly when to call Greenville plumbers. After all, you probably don’t want to spend the time and the money to have someone in, only to be told that you were worried about nothing and didn’t have to do anything at all. Sometimes you can sit back and let things resolve themselves, or fix them with a minimal amount of effort and training.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and it’s important to know when you need to bring in some backup. If you’re not sure when you should be calling for help, here are three major signs that you’d probably be out of your depth.

1) Your Drains are Clogged
If your drains are acting up in some way—draining extremely slowly or not at all—and you haven’t been able to fix the problem with some drain solution, calling a plumber is the next thing on the list. A plumber can use tools like commercial snakes to find the source of the problem and put a stop to it; they have training and tools that you probably don’t, and trying to solve the issue on your own, without the necessary training or equipment, may only make things worse in this case.

2) You Have a Leak
Water damage can be extremely costly, with the potential to cause major damage that requires a lot of time and labor to repair. If you notice anything leaking, it’s crucial to get a plumber in as soon as possible. A plumber can find the source of the leak and repair or replace the problem pipe before the issue gets out of hand and costs you a massive amount of time and money.

3) Things Smell Funny
If you ever find that a strange smell is permeating the air in your house, it could be because of a plumbing problem. Odd smells issuing from pipes, coupled by wet spots, is a sign of a problem that would best be handled by a professional. Your drains might be backed up, or improperly ventilated—whatever it is, it will most likely take a plumber to figure it out and fix it.

While saving money is the main concern for many, it is important to note that trying to save money can lead to a costly repair later. The plumber will end up fixing the main issue and possibly cleaning up the mess that you have made of the job already. When it comes to your plumbing, it is definitely better to play it safe so you won’t be sorry later.

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