Three Practical Reasons Why You Should Own Your Own CRKT Knife

Three Practical Reasons Why You Should Own Your Own CRKT Knife A lot of people think that knives and similar weapons are dangerous and terrifying items, but the truth is knives and weapons are only scary when they are in the hands of the wrong person. Owning a knife can be a great asset to have, especially during a dangerous situation. Here are three reasons why you should own a CRKT knife.

  • Self-defense

There will be times in your life when you will need to defend yourself, and sometimes hands and feet might not be the best option. Owning a CRKT knife would be especially handy if you live in a dangerous area, and you need a weapon to end a fight with as soon as possible.

  • Camping trips

If you are going camping or you find yourself out in the wilderness, having a knife on you will not only protect you, but it can also be used to build a fire. For example, you can shave off layers of tree bark. If you are going fishing, you can use a knife to gut the fish or cut up your meat.

  • Prying doors open

Another great reason why you should own a knife is that you can use one to pry open doors during an emergency. Let’s say you locked yourself out of your car or you don’t have the keys to your house and you’re locked outside. Maybe you need to get into a locked closet, and you’ve lost the key. A CRKT knife can be a lifesaver.

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