Three Main Services Offered by Fuel Spill Cleanup Services in Chicago

Fuel spill cleanup refers to the process of cleaning up a fuel spill. Fuel spills occur when fuel leaks from a vehicle or tanker truck into the surrounding environment. A cleanup can range from merely picking up the spill with a vacuum and dustpan to using specialized equipment such as absorbent pads or biodegradable bags to pick up the spilled fuel. This article discusses the services offered by fuel spill cleanup services in Chicago.

Remediation Services

The primary goal of remediation services is to prevent future fuel spills from occurring. However, this does not always happen. To prevent future fuel spills, the service will remove the spilled fuel from the environment and remove all traces of the spill. The service may also clean up an existing spill.

Environmental Cleanup

Environmental cleanup refers to cleaning up an existing fuel spill that has already occurred. Environmental cleanup services will utilize remediation services to ensure no more traces of the spill are left in the environment. In some cases, environmental cleanup will be able to clean up an existing spill without specialized equipment, such as absorbent pads or biodegradable bags.

Handle Hazardous Substances

Fuel spill cleanup services in Chicago involve the use of chemicals to handle some hazardous chemicals that are in oils. This helps increase efficiency by helping to reduce emissions of air pollutants and water pollutants that result from oil spills.

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