Three Groups of Services Provided by a Veterinarian in Olathe KS

Pet ownership comes with a lot of excitement and fun. It also comes with a great deal of responsibility. A pet owner is required to provide their pet with the appropriate amount and type of food, plenty of water, lots of attention, and exercise if needed. In addition, health care services must also be provided. Three groups of services provided by a Veterinarian in Olathe KS are acute care, preventative care, and dental care.

Acute Care

One of the groups of services provided by a veterinarian is acute care. This type of care takes place on an as-needed basis throughout the lifetime of a pet. Anytime a pet is exhibiting symptoms of an illness or injury that is new and has not been addressed at a regular wellness check-up, the pet’s owner should contact their veterinarian for an appointment. Some common acute conditions that are treated by a veterinarian are insect bites, gastrointestinal issues, and skin irritations.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is another of the groups of services provided by a veterinarian. This type of care begins when a pet is young and continues throughout its lifespan. As soon as a person acquires a new pet, they should take the pet to see a veterinarian to establish a medical history. Then, once or twice a year the pet should be taken for a wellness check-up to continue the medical history. The wellness check-up will include an examination of the pets eyes, mouth, skin, and more. In addition, any vaccinations, if needed, can be administered.

Dental Care

The third group of services provided by a veterinarian is dental care. For those pets that have teeth, this type of care is carried out on a regular basis and an as-needed basis throughout their life. A pet’s teeth should be brushed at home daily or every other day. In addition, their teeth should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. If the pet is experiencing a specific problem, a deep cleaning or a tooth extraction can be performed.

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