Three Common Email Problems That Are Solved With An SMTP Relay Service

Any company doing business online, marketing or providing information online or doing any type of e-commerce is going to send a lot of emails on a daily basis. These may be transactional emails that are generated by users signing up, making a purchase, sending passwords or even providing delivery confirmations. You may also need to send out bulk mail such as e-blasts, newsletters or daily email marketing campaigns. If your company uses any of these types of emails then a SMTP relay service can solve the problems that you are currently experiencing.

Slow Delivery

With an SMTP relay service you will be able to speed up deliver of each and every piece of mail. There will be no changes in the speed of delivery due to issues with ISP slowdowns during specific times of the day. In addition with an SMTP relay service there are dedicated routes that ensure that your email is delivered fast, each and every time. No delays, no waiting for hours for an email; just happier, more satisfied customers.

Inability to Track

Even if you just send out a few hundred emails on a daily basis you have no way to track your emails and learn when people are actually getting the emails in their inbox. In addition you cannot track when the customer opens the email, how long they spend on the email and what links they click from your email, newsletter or other type of email message.

Spam Designations

If you are sending from a typical ISP email system and your customers are marking them as spam then you are going to have a major problem in getting information to the clients that need it. You can track using SMTP relay service and find out which of your recipients are designating your emails as spam and remove them from your mailing lists, correcting the problem quickly and efficiently.

In addition, using a SMTP relay service prevents your ISP email system from bogging down. Your company incoming and outgoing emails with day to day business will never be restricted because of the volume of your bulk or transactional emails, which is a very important consideration to get things done.

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