Thoroughly Modern Abaya

In the Western world, the abaya and jilbab have undergone a transformation. The once plain outfits have become both modest and beautiful for daily events and special occasions. In fact, today, around the globe, women are accepting the traditional cultural concepts surrounding the clothing but are also modernizing it. In other words, the abaya and jilbab have retained their cultural and religious heritage while becoming part of the modern world.

The New Fashionable World of Abayas and Jilbabs
Although many women still cling to the traditional black variations of traditional Eastern dress, recent developments in the fashion world are influencing how people look at these garments. The influence comes from many well-respected high couture houses around the world. They have “discovered” the abaya. This has resulted in the creation of a new Eastern influenced style.

This, in turn, has had an influence on many new designers, many of them Arabic. They have taken a fresh look at the abaya and jilbab. The result has been an astounding array of new designs. While most retain the required element of modesty, the new apparel has cranked up the volume in terms of color, quality and range.

Indeed the current crop of designers has left the box behind coming up with innovative ideas. Instead of plain and sometimes frumpy-looking, Eastern style clothing, they have created a new style. It is based on the right of every woman to express their feminine personality within the boundaries of their religious beliefs. The result has been truly astounding providing flare, style and overall vivacity to the traditional abaya and jilbab.

Innovation and Creativity
Around the world, innovative designers are creating fashionable abayas and other items of Eastern clothing. They have abandoned the plain, undecorated look. In its place, fashion designers have added decorations – artistically placed with attractive embroidered or appliquéd designs. Studs, zippers, spikes, cuffs embroidery patches and pure bling make the once staid abaya thoroughly modern.

The fabrics also create a lasting impression. You can now purchase a muslim abaya and jilbab in floral prints, of silk, thick velvet, light cotton and even made of a knitted fabric. This is in addition to the practical poly blends. There is a material suitable for very purpose and each season.

Some may argue that modernity has affected the overall integrity of the abaya and jilbab. They feel the unconventional and modern alterations have changed the traditional look. Yet, the core value of modesty remains an integral part of the majority of the new look. The latest in fashion in the abaya and jilbab provides women with the options they need to become an active part of the modern world without letting go of their cultural and religious heritage.

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