This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Flashlight

When preparing for the worst, some of the most common items people will put together are clean water, canned food, first aid kits, batteries, blankets and flashlights. A durable flashlight, in an emergency, is worth its weight in gold. The problem with most flashlights is that they are old, clunky or not very efficient. Almost every cell phone on the market has a flashlight feature and more often than not it’s a phone that comes out when someone is looking for a set of keys that have fallen under a seat. That’s because no one would find it convenient to carry around a traditional flashlight.

New Light New Look

Newer, more efficient LED flashlights are starting to be produced and sold to the public that are thin like cell phones only much more durable. A sleek, durable flashlight that could fit in your back pocket, purse, backpack or tool belt would be pretty handy. The durability in these flashlights comes from the materials used and the special attention taken to the design and details. You won’t find a flashlight with a tactical polymer pistol grip in the bargain bin or in your grandmother’s kitchen. These are made with aircraft aluminum casing and a patent pending FLAT design, a complete overhaul on the design of a flashlight.

Problems With Older Flashlights

A few of the biggest problems with older flashlight designs are that they either run out of batteries or the light won’t stay on due to poor design. For these reasons, we lose them because they have little value or we just plain toss them. Investing in a new flashlight and spending a few extra bucks can really pay dividends. A new flashlight that easily slips into your pocket, in with your camping, hunting or fishing gear or in your toolbox takes up virtually no space—about the size of two box cutters side by side.

Keeping A Light Handy

Now, when you are working under the sink, heading out into the dark morning on your next hunting or fishing trip, you can bring a durable flashlight that can last up to five hours on high and ten on low. No longer will you be running the risk of dropping your phone in the lake, on a rock or losing it all together just because you were using it as a poor excuse for a flashlight. And if you do happen to drop your new flashlight in the water or on the asphalt, don’t worry, newer flashlights are made to be waterproof for up to one meter and shockproof for up to three.

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