Things You Should Know About Estate Trust in Lake County, IL

Before you leave this earth, there are a lot of affairs you need to get in order. One of these things is settling the matter of your estate. You do not want to leave such a delicate matter in the hands of the state or commonwealth. Charles T. Newland & Associates are experienced attorneys who will handle your Estate Trust in Lake County, IL. They want to tell you about various aspects of your will and estate.

When you consider the will, it is merely the outlay of your wishes concerning your property and finances and to whom. Probate is the court-appointed handling of your final affairs with your creditors getting settlements before your heirs and beneficiaries can get anything. Trusts are put in place to protect your assets, avoid probate, help in estate planning and can decrease or completely remove taxes. Of course, this increases the family income. When all matters of the trust is in place, a trust administrator is put in place to execute the directives of the trust. As an unspoken rule, it is not a good idea to have a family member as an executor of your will and estate, as usually the temptation to put one’s own interest first will surface. The executor should have only the interest of carrying out the directives of the estate at hand.

Charles T. Newland & Associates are available to perform this service for you and will work diligently from any of their four offices to serve you in this regard. Their estate planning lawyers will do their utmost to help you plan through this at times unpleasant handling of your final actions. They also practice in the area of bankruptcy, working to alleviate for you the pangs of bankruptcy, such as preventing foreclosure of your home or saving the potential loss of your business. They also practice in the areas of business litigation, personal injury cases, probate and guardianship. They want to help you get all of your loose ends in order today. For an attorney who will handle your Estate Trust in Lake County, IL and the surrounding areas, contact Charles T. Newland & Associates at one of their four locations or you can also visit them at their website,

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