Things to Remember Before Your VOIP Phone Installation

A number of businesses around the world are now choosing to go through with a VOIP phone installation because of the flexibility that the system provides. Going with one of these systems allows you to easily grow your network as the organization expands, which is perhaps the largest reason for its success. Before selecting a VOIP phone provider, however, you should consider a few variables that could lead to problems in the future and go with a company that has the experience to overcome these potential issues.

Ask for References
Never select a VOIP phone installation company without first asking for references. The provider should be able to give you a list of past customers, who you can ask about the service. Start by asking questions about the service and how well it performed. You can then ask about key issues like downtime, flexibility and support. If past customers have been unsatisfied with some of these major components of the system, it is probably a good idea to keep looking.

Provide a Demonstration
Make sure that your service provider gives you a live demonstration before you agree to an installation. This demonstration will allow you to see how easy the system is to use and how it would work in your office. Many suppliers will provide an onsite demonstration of their system, which allows you to see exactly how it would work in your office and will provide insight into the capabilities of the system within your desired framework. If this demonstration does not put your mind at ease regarding the system, it is wise to move on with a different VOIP phone system.

Are They Accredited?
This should go without saying, but anyone who installs a VOIP system at your place of business should be fully accredited to handle such an operation. Keep in mind that there is a difference between certification and accreditation. Certification means that the installation company’s employees have been train to install VOIP systems, but might not have received the proper permission to install the specific system that you want. Since various VOIP systems use different technologies, always go with an installer that has received accreditation from the manufacturer.

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