Things to Know About Getting a Criminal Lawyer in Berks

Criminal law deals with taking punitive measures against people that commit acts that interfere with the lives and peace of other citizens. Unlike civil law which is more about settling disputes, criminal law seeks to lock people away or get them on death row for committing serious crimes. If you have been accused of any serious criminal activity, you will need to get a good Criminal Lawyer in Berks to represent you in a court of law.

What is a serious crime?

To understand why you need a criminal lawyer, you need to learn about the things that constitute a serious crime.

* Homicide
* Rape
* Armed robbery
* Human trafficking
* Drug trafficking

These are just a few of the crime that are considered serious. If you are charged with any of the crimes and convicted, you are likely to spend a lot of time in jail. In cases such as murder, you might even get execution as punishment.

What criminal lawyers do

It is the role of a criminal defense attorney to represent the interests of their client whether they are guilty of the crime that they have been charged with or not. The criminal lawyer will set up a meeting with you, the defendant, and interview you to get some perspective on the case. They will then present you at the preliminary court hearing where you will listen to the charges and make a plea.

Once the case starts, it is the role of the criminal defense attorney to refute all the incriminating evidence that the prosecutions side may have on you. They also have the authority to subpoena documented evidence, phone conversations and any other documents that could have crucial evidence that will help you get an acquittal. In case they feel that the odds of you winning the case are low, they will fight to get you a less severe punishment. For instance, they could get a first degree murder charge reduced to manslaughter, reducing your punishment significantly.

These are the reasons why you will find it absolutely necessary to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Berks. For more information and to contact a competent lawyer, go to Domain.

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