Things To Do Before Calling In a Contractor for Glass Repair in Silver Spring MD

When a window or door window breaks, the first thing that will come into your mind is to call in an expert in Glass repair silver spring md to come and take care of the problem. However before this, you should collect the following details:

1. You should find out the size of the broken window. Even if you do not get the measurements correct, you should approximate to the most accurate figure. Use a tape measure to take the length and the width.

2. Also, look at whether the window is single or double pane. Single pane windows are repaired the same day while the double pane may take longer. It is custom made and therefore you will have to wait until it is ordered from the manufacturer. It is easy to differentiate the two as a double pane window has an aluminum spacer between the glasses.

3. If it is a double pane window, check whether they are both or just one is broken. Tell the company this when reporting the problem.

6. There are some doors made of glass, therefore, tell them whether it is a door or a window. A door will either be made of tempered or laminated safety glass. Tempered will have to be ordered from the manufacturer while laminated can be cut and fixed the same day.

7. Check if the broken glass is tinted or textured. This is so that they can come with the same type of glass.

8. Also, check if the glass is arched or curved so that they can order the same design. It might take time to get such designs.

9. They will also want to know the floor the window is located. This will enable them know if they will carry extra equipment such as a ladder for the job.

10. If the broken window was as a result of a break in, then you should have reported to the police officers before calling them in.

Companies that deal in Glass repair silver spring md like Beltway Auto & Plate Glass Co. know very well that you are not an expert in glasses but giving them these answers to the best of your ability will increase chances of them coming with the right glass the first time thus saving time. For more information on glass repair services Visit site



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