Things to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Garage Doors

Garage doors are both a practical and aesthetic component of a home. Many drivers like to stay locked in their car until the garage door closes behind them. Because garage doors comprise a large part of the home’s exterior, it’s important that they match the rest of the facade in style and color. If the doors wear out or are damaged, the homeowner should take the time to find the right Replacement Garage Doors. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade the garage door materials or to change the style.

Traditional garage doors are made of wood panels connected by metal hinges. They need to be painted or stained on a regular basis. The homeowner can now opt to buy this style door in steel, fiberglass or vinyl. Once they select the color to match their siding and house trim, they will never have to repaint it again. Manufacturers can include a wood grain texture so that these newer materials look like wood. Fiberglass and vinyl provide more insulation than wood, so they help lower energy usage. Steel doors can be made with a layer of insulation in the middle, so they also help lower energy consumption.

Carriage house garage doors are now very popular. Instead of rolling up to the top of the garage ceiling, these open from the center. Automatic garage doors openers are available for this style as well. Usually, they have windows in the top third of their design. They also can be made of wood, steel, fiberglass or vinyl. If the homeowner prefers a roll-up garage door, a hybrid style is available. It looks like a carriage house garage door, but rolls up like a traditional door.

Because there are so many decisions to make when selecting Replacement Garage Doors, it can be difficult for a homeowner to picture the end result. Many garage door installers have a computer program that combines these features and shows the homeowner their custom door. This ensures that they will be pleased with the final product. Technicians from the Ace Garage Door Company LLC will be happy to meet with Edmond homeowners to discuss their options and provide a free estimate. You can follow them on Twitter.

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