Things to consider when hiring a cleaning company

With the never ending pressures of work and family obligations there is little time left to clean the house. Although it may seem like an extravagance to some, the truth is that having a cleaning company come in and do what has to be done to keep the house clean and orderly is much more a necessity than a luxury. There are few things that you should consider when you begin looking at cleaning companies in Jacksonville that suit your needs.

Agency or private hire:
There are pros and cons to both direct hire and using a cleaning company. It may appear on the surface that a direct hire is less expensive but you know there will always be people to do the work; this is not always the case if the individual is your employee. If you hire direct you are also responsible for paying the employee social security, employment tax and insurance.

Whether you hire direct or the person comes from a cleaning company always demand references and make sure you check them. It is less of a problem with an agency employee as their background will be thoroughly checked. Based on the comments you get from those who had the individual working for them in the past you will be in a good position to gauge whether the person is responsible, reliable and honest; the three primary attributes that you will be looking for.

If you are going through cleaning companies in Jacksonville, the number of references the company can provide will give you a good indication of how long they have been in business. Cleaning companies get better with time, their hiring and training methods get better and as a result the chances of getting a cleaner who has not been vetted or does not have the skills to perform the job are remote.

Background and security check:
Regardless of where the individual comes from it is absolutely mandatory that they be subjected to a background check and security check. The person that you get will be given free rein of your home in your absence, you want to be very comfortable in knowing that the person is worthy of your trust and extremely reliable. If you use the services of a cleaning company the cleaner that they assign to you will have already passed these tests which will include a check to ensure the person can work legally in the US.

Once you have gone this check list and chosen from the cleaning companies in Jacksonville enter into a contact that spells out all the duties and responsibilities of both parties.

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