Things to Consider Before Ordering Your Indian Wedding Cards

Your wedding is one of the most important days of not just your life, and a social event of incredible significance for your immediate and extended family. This occasion will set the stage for your entire married life, and should be announced with all of the significance and styles that it deserves. After establishing an engagement, one of the first wedding arrangements you will have to make is designing and ordering your Indian wedding cards.

Invitation Etiquette

A well-accepted time frame for sending your invitations is six to eight weeks before your wedding, and is traditionally done from the family home of the bride-to-be. However, for guests who must make extensive travel arrangements, the more advance notice, the better. If you have a four-month long engagement, giving your guests three-and-one-half-months’ notice will be much appreciated.

An invitation conveys far more than what is written inside. The style and quality of your Indian wedding cards tell your guests how formal, traditional or religious they should expect the event to be. Poorly crafted cards communicate disrespect and a lack of care. Set the right tone for your wedding by investing in a company that specializes only in beautiful, high-quality wedding cards.

Finding the Right Vendor

Look for a business that will work with you to customize your design and offers single samples of your cards. Not only will a sample allow you to make any final tweaks to perfect your design but it is also indicative of a company’s confidence in their own product. Printers with substandard merchandise will want you to commit to your entire order before revealing the final card.

Once you have finalized a design, consider ordering all your Indian wedding cards simultaneously, such as wedding programs, RSVP and thank you cards. The more products you order through one vendor, the more cost effective the final bill will be. Working with a single design theme also allows you to unify the style of your wedding, as well as simplify the planning process. A quality professional printer will help you to design your cards with care, from invitations all the way to thank you cards. Visit

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