Things that Require Air Conditioning Service Repair in Manhattan

The sweltering heat of the summer can create dangerous conditions with the elderly, pets and those who are ill. Thus, it is important that the air conditioning unit runs at its peak performance during the summer months. But sometimes, the air conditioning unit can break down. This can happen due to a number of reasons. Here are some of the areas that can result in the break down on the air conditioning unit.

One of the areas in which Air Conditioning service Repair Manhattan is needed is when there is a loss of cooling fluid. This can be caused by a slow leak in the system or by wear and tear on the piping. A loss of coolant can also be dangerous to pets and young children. So, any leaks need to be addressed right away to prevent this from leaking into your backyard. A loss of coolant will prevent your air conditioner from cooling your house down.

Another area in which an air conditioner can require repair is damage to the electrical lines. Sometimes, pests will chew on the lines and cause a breakage in the system. This can be indicated by a failure of the system to turn on or a sudden shutting off of the system. The breaker may also trip due to the damage. Getting rid of the pests and addressing the electrical issues is important for both safety and a functioning air conditioner.

The compressor unit is another critical area that needs Air Conditioning service Repair Manhattan if it fails. A failing compressor can’t adequately circulate the air. Thus, you suffer from a loss of cooling to the home. Often, a broken compressor won’t have the same sound as a fully functional unit. The fans on the air conditioning unit also won’t turn properly. In this case, you will need to get it evaluated to find out if a part is broken or the whole unit is bad.

These are a few areas where air conditioning units are susceptible to damage. If you need your air conditioning unit fixed, contact Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services Inc. for more information on getting it repaired.

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