They Even Discount Cigars These Days

The whole world loves a bargain and we can all fall into a trap when we see the words – “discounted prices”; but, is it a genuine offer or nothing more than a piece of advertising hype? The only real test lies in the meaning of the word discount; which is a reduction in the original or listed price.

The problem comes when you have no idea of what that original price was – especially if shopping in a discount store where everything is marked up as discounted and nothing is ever sold at the so called “full price”. In some places, the tag showing the new “discounted price” must also include details of what the price used to be over a reasonable period of time; but, it remains largely a question of “caveat emptor”;or “buyer beware”. Those who feel that legislation is taking over too much of our lives may think that this is a good thing and that anyone who falls for a false discount gets what they deserve (others think that our governments have a duty to protect us from our own stupidity).

Does This Apply To On Line Shopping?

In the case of Discount Cigars; the situation could be additionally clouded by the question of taxes and duties applicable to tobacco products. Since the online cigar store has no physical address; under which set of taxes and duties do they fall? Could their discounted price be nothing more than the tax free price? If that is the case, the unwitting buyers will find themselves having to make up the difference before they can take delivery of their purchases. Lesson one – before making a purchase from an online cigar store; check the terms of sale regarding payment of local taxes – any reliable store will make this clear to you.

Online Can Be Good For Discounts; But Check All The Terms

Also remember that the price that they show may (or may not) include delivery charges. You won’t be getting much of a bargain; if the entire discount disappears in delivery charges; however, many of the better stores will absorb delivery charges in return for a higher order value from you.

You have read the site and everything looks good; but are you actually going to get much Discount On Cigars that you purchase from them? Again, it is back to caveat emptor; the acid test would be for you to check the current prices in your local (traditional) shops and decide for yourself.


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