There Is Much To Be Said About A Saline Pool

The saline pool has emerged on the market roughly 25 years ago and, like any new product, has touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Today, many may argue the best thing since sliced bread point but the fact of the matter is that the saline pool was not only the latest fad of the time, but it continues to remain popular.

As it is with anything, there are pros and cons to the saline pool when compared to the traditional chlorine pool for those looking to install a new pool, be sure to do your homework and be careful not to be into many false claims and accusations made by both saline pool advocates and competitors. Stick with only well-supported facts and verifiable owner testimony and most of all remember, not everything you read on the internet is necessarily true!

Some advocates of the saline pool try to draw the environmentally conscious consumer by making claim that they are the natural solution to pools and have even gone so far as to call them “Green Pools” as they do not require the constant addition of harmful chemicals that are used in the traditional chlorine pool. This claim is no more than a marketing ploy however, as a saline pool still requires chlorine, it just obtains its chlorine in a far less intrusive way. There is still the need to maintain the waters pH level so of course that will require the addition of some form of pool acid on occasion.

One of the often heard pros of a saline pool is that they feel better to swim in and to many who hear this say to themselves, “how can that be”? Well, there is truth to the statement. The addition of salt to a pool has the same effect on the water chemistry as does adding salt to a water softener and many find the feel of the soft water more appealing to them. This is a big plus on the side of the saline pool debate.

A saline pool is not for everyone but they are without a doubt here to stay and certainly worthy of consideration when making the new pool plunge.


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