There Has Never Been a Better Time to Teach English in South Korea

No matter which country you live in, a good command of the English language is not only an increasingly valuable business tool, it is also becoming an almost essential life skill for both children and adults wanting to compete in a global economy.

Thanks to an ever-increasing hunger to learn this international language, the teaching of English as a second language is estimated to have a global market value of around $15 billion. The demand for teachers is huge, and it’s expected to stay that way for many years to come.

With English teaching skills in such high demand around the world, there have never been more opportunities for those people wanting to live and work in a new and exciting environment.

Which Country is Right for Me?
Deciding which country you would like to teach in depends largely on what you’re hoping to get out of your overseas teaching assignment. Do you want to travel and experience new cultures? Or is your main focus to earn and save as much money as you can during your teaching assignment?

If you want an almost guaranteed job placement, coupled with excellent benefits and good salaries, you can’t go wrong by deciding to teach English in South Korea.

Why South Korea?
Over the past 30 years, South Korea has enjoyed meteoric economic growth, transforming it from a poor and developing country into one of the world’s most successful industrial and trading powers.

The South Korean government is following the Japanese example and placing a huge emphasis on higher education, with the aim of increasing global competitiveness. Leaders want the country to raise its international profile and become a bigger and more prominent member of the international community. To this end, the country has implemented a “greater globalization” or Saegaewha program, aimed at teaching its students more about the West.

As part of this program, English language courses, together with business and other international courses, have been expanded, creating a greater demand for graduates wanting to teach English in South Korea. At any given time, many thousands of native English speaking teachers are employed at private and government schools throughout the country.

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