There are valid reasons for lifting a house

There are a number of valid reasons for lifting or raising a house. These reasons include protecting it from flooding, adding an additional story, increasing the basement head room are the three most common.

  • Flood protection: There are areas of the country that are faced with flooding; this is a real problem along the Jersey Shore. House lifting in Toms River NJ is an excellent solution for those home or business owners that occupy property threatened by flooding. By raising the structure above the historic high-water mark you not only protect your home, you will find a dramatic savings in your house owner’s insurance premiums.
  • Add a storey: When you hear the term “house lifting in Toms River NJ” it is fair to visualize the entire structure being lifted off the foundation. House lifters can also raise the roof which allows for the construction of a second story without having to destroy a perfectly good roof structure in the process. Once the roof has been raised the construction crew can build a new floor and exterior walls, once there are load bearing points the roof can be set back in place.
  • Add headroom in the basement: Many homes were originally constructed with low headroom in the basement or even partial basements. To get the convenience of a full basement there options; raise the house, lower the floor or a combination of the two. When you decide for house lifting in Toms River NJ the structure is raised to the pre-determined height at which time the foundation is increased or the floor is excavated.

House lifting is accomplished using sophisticated hydraulic jacks. The jack pressure is synchronized, this allows constant pressure to be applied; in this way the building elevates on an even plane. Using this system means there is very little damage to even the plaster.

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