There Are So Many Fun Ways to Be Creative When You Use Acrylic Paint

Painting can bring out the hidden creativity in people, especially kids. Acrylic paints are incredibly versatile, and you can use them on all kinds of material. An acrylic paint set with brushes has the power to turn a blah day into something wonderful.

Projects to Do with Acrylic Paints

Kids as young as three or four can join in and make pieces of art with an acrylic paint set with brushes. Take a paintbrush full of a beautiful color and cover the paper with it, or take the non-brush end of the paintbrush and make a design in the paint with it like you’re drawing! The design will be there when the paint dries, giving the piece a unique look for hanging on the fridge or putting in a frame.

A grown-up can help with this one by cutting a shape out of a piece of foam. Dip one side of the foam in acrylic paint, and then put it on paper or wood. Lift the foam after and repeat. The designs specially made by you or your child will be a masterpiece like no other.

Put some acrylic paint in a small plastic bottle with a pointed end. Squeeze paint onto an old shirt in no particular way. Use the paintbrush to swoosh the paint around until you like how it looks. You decide when it’s finished. Now, you have a work of art you can wear!

Let Your Mood Be Your Guide

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