The Wood Burning Pizza Oven: Three Basic Residential Types

If you are considering adding an outdoor oven to your back yard, why not look at the latest craze. These are pizza ovens. Yet, do not opt for any model. Finding the right wood burning pizza oven for your outdoor landscape demands you check out all your options. You need to consider what is available and what each model offers.


If you are considering installing a pizza oven in your landscape, make sure you look at residential pizza ovens. These are smaller and more suited for regular operation in outdoor conditions. These are both practical and functional meant for small scale cooking. Among the basic types – and there are hundreds of models with specific names and characteristics, are the following:

  • Modular Pizza Oven: This, as the name indicates, comes to you in parts. This pizza oven comes as a kit that requires reassembling. The components, made from refractory cement, are small and light enough for two people to carry and put into position. Overall, this type of approach is the most labor-intensive; however, the result is a very high quality wood burning pizza oven.
  • Brick and/or Clay Ovens: These days, you can purchase set small ovens of traditional brick or clay. They arrive intact. You only need to provide a solid base upon which they will reside. Some may appear as a typical brick bread oven.
  • Steel Ovens: This represents the latest trend in portable ovens. The material guarantees they are lightweight. Easy to position and move around, they are fast becoming a favorite. A range of prices also makes them attractive.

Wood Burning Pizza Oven

Wood-fired pizza is, according to professional chefs, the only way to prepare a quality pizza. Today’s modern versions allow homeowners to bring the great taste home. By installing or building your own wood burning pizza oven, you can produce the best tasting pizza in your neighborhood for family, friends and guests alike.

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