The Versatility Of Uniform Polo Shirts

Any business that wants a top seasonal option in a corporate shirt needs to consider the versatile polo shirt. These shirts are classic in their design with a smaller collar, a single, double or triple button front, a front breast pocket or a style without a pocket as well as the option for printing or embroidery.

The different aspects of uniform polo shirts make them a terrific option for both men and women. The style is really unisex, and with different fabrics, colors and sleeve lengths they are ideal for year round wear.

A Stylish Look

The new types of heavier weight uniform polo shirts are both comfortable as well as practical to wear. The look is one of business casual, but more professional looking than t-shirts and not as formal looking as button down long or short sleeved shirts. Snag-proof polyester styles are long lasting and do

With the variety of different options, including the choice of a front breast pocket or styles without the pocket on styles for both men and women, these shirts are clean, crisp and sophisticated looking. They can be paired with dress slacks, jeans or even khakis for a great uniform for a small or large business.

Make a Branding Statement

One of the reasons that uniform polo shirts are such a popular choice is their ability to stand up to embroidery on the sleeves, the back, or even as an addition to the front breast pocket.

Embroidery with the company name and logo and even employee names embroidered on the sleeve or above the pocket adds a level of branding that really will stand out. Choosing the style and size of the embroidery can make a bolder and more obvious branding statement for the company or it can be more subtle and smaller based on the specific style preferences of the business.

This clearly identifies your employees to customers, and it also creates a unified and approved corporate uniform that is employees will enjoy wearing. This virtually eliminates the need for complicated dress codes and issues with employee clothing choices, freeing up management to focus on more important tasks.

The colors of polo shirts also make them a terrific choice. They are vibrant and will not fade, and they come in a wide range of colors from the classic white and black to blues, reds, greens, gold, yellow and tan as well as bright neon colors for high visibility needs.

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