The Typical Order of Tasks During Extensive Kitchen Remodeling in Dayton, OH

When homeowners start thinking about extensive kitchen remodeling in Dayton, OH, they may envision being able to use parts of the room while the contractors work on other areas. Unfortunately, that’s usually not how a remodeling project is organized.

Removal of Equipment and Features

If the customers are having cabinetry, countertops, plumbing features and flooring replaced, the contractors begin by removing all of those components. The kitchen is essentially unusable during extensive remodeling. The household might be able to keep the refrigerator plugged in, but they probably will have to rely on a microwave oven placed in a different room for cooking.

Replacement of Plumbing and Electrical Features

The fundamentals that have been removed are replaced first. That includes changes to plumbing and electrical features. During kitchen remodeling in Dayton, OH, the contractor may be moving the sink to a new location or adding a second one. Wiring might be upgraded or new wiring extended for additional lighting. The customers may want some extra outlets if they have been relying on power strips to plug in several electrical items.

The Next Steps

Contractors vary as to the order of completing the next tasks. Cabinetry is installed before countertops, but they might install the flooring before or after those projects. Painting or the addition of wallpaper can be done next. The placement of backsplashes, appliances and hardware are normally the last steps before the project is complete. All of this work can be done by Lifestyle Kitchen Designs, contact them today to know more about remodeling services.

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