The Two Definitive Options for Office Lease in Newnan

Finding a cozy and accessible office has never been easier in the downtown area of Newnan, Georgia. It takes time to find the perfect office. Location is extremely important for the long term success of the practice. But there are many other variables that need to be accounted for. Greison Storage in Newnan streamlines all the many options with immediacy. They make the choice simple.

There are two main office space locations. Each one has their own bonus attributes, but they are both luxurious, easy to find, and spacious.

Option 1: Greison Park

The landscaping is incredible in this location. Custom build outs also allow office lease in Newnan to customize the space a bit and acquire some additional space when needed. The area is closely connected to the historic district. The close proximity to this area, as well as I-85, will bring in an influx of customers. If the business is catered towards travelers, this area is pristine. But business-minded individuals will find the area convenient and accessible. It is located right in the middle of a string of shops and restaurants, so the office will fit right into the shopping and visiting aesthetic of the area.

Suites start at 1,400 square feet on the long end. The architecture is cotemporary and clean, and the landscaping is constantly kept up. it is a radiant atmosphere brimming with potential for success.

Option 2: Cates Crossing

The general rule of thumb for real estate is ‘location, location, location.’ The location for an Office Lease in Newnan must be chosen carefully and it must fit the business. Cates Crossing has clear visibility and close proximity to 7,500 local residents. A very specific niche will find incredible success in this area. A brick exterior and high traffic commercial stores nearby will bring in a crowd. The area is also notorious for its open and extensive parking. This just enhances the overall convenience of the area for customers. Right off I-85 and two miles from the PiedmontHospital, a business cannot go wrong finding a home here.

These areas were hand selected by Greison Storage Mart. They offer storage services, as well as the excellent office space for new business extensions.

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