The Top Places to See While on Your Holiday in Kenya

Anyone who has visited Kenya before knows it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Along with having exciting safaris and gorgeous holiday villas in Kenya to stay in, it’s also known for having friendly people, vast landscapes and incredibly delicious food. Here’s a brief guide on some of the must see places to go to while on your holiday.

Lake Nakuru is one of the country’s best kept secrets that you really have to see to be able to appreciate. All of the algae in the lake is the reason for the massive number of pink flamingos that famously line the lake’s shore. In fact, its surface can be difficult to see due to the continuous shifting of the mass of pink. Baboon Cliff is considered the best vantage point to see the flamingos. The number, though, fluctuates depending on the food and the lake’s water conditions. Most of the holiday villas in Kenya will know if it’s a good time of year to see them in huge numbers or not.

The Aberdares is considered Kenya’s highlands at its finest. Usually, a little cooler than the lower-lying parts of Kenya, there are a number of lush forest reserves just waiting to be explored. Resembling a place out of Eden that’s teeming with wildlife, there are also beautiful, cascading waterfalls to see.

Tsavo is a large game park in Kenya. It’s located near the coast and right in the middle of some other popular tourist attractions. An incredible place to safari, it also has some of the most diverse landscapes that you will find anywhere in Africa. While taking a nature walk, you will see beautiful, virgin wilderness coupled with exciting wildlife.

With only a few people in the world who can say they’ve climbed it, Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. Photos don’t do it justice. You have to see it in person to appreciate it in all its majestic glory. The majority of holiday villas in Kenya can arrange for a tour of this spectacular area. Most of the animals in Mount Kenya live on the lower slopes where the climate is less extreme and there’s more vegetation. The animals in this area include buffalos, elephants, monkeys, porcupines, leopards and the occasional lion.

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