The Shrinking Issues That You May See After You Wrap a Pallet

When you’re trying to wrap pallets, a shrink wrap machine is beneficial to have on hand. An industrial machine often has the capability to wrap larger pallets and can usually complete the job faster than if you were to use a smaller machine. However, there are a few issues that can arise when using the equipment. Fortunately, there are usually simple solutions to these issues.

Corner Concerns
Odd corners on the wrap are often called dog’s ears. They look like a triangular area on the corners and are fairly common when using an industrial shrink wrap machine. The most common reason this occurs is that the shrinkage isn’t right. You can examine the temperature of the gun used with the wrapping material or the size of the film that you’re using to ensure that it securely covers the area instead of providing too much or too little wrapping.

Full of Hot Air
If the material is exposed to hot air after it’s been wrapped, then it could result in an issue known as ballooning. The wrapping will look like a hot air balloon after it’s inflated. Vent holes can be used on the material to allow air to filter through. This can prevent the wrapping from ballooning, which will then keep the items on the pallet secure. If the area that has expanded tears, then you’ll usually need to wrap the area again so that the pallet stays in one place.

Split Wrapping
Sometimes, the seals will split after using an industrial shrink wrap machine. This tends to occur more when the wrapping is pulled too tight along the pallet. The film might be too thin, which means that you’re going to need to use a film that’s a bit thicker. Keep in mind that the roll could just be bad and that the next roll will work fine for wrapping.

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