The role of a physical therapist

Although a physical therapist has a number of roles, the main task is to work with people who have been injured or suffer from a disability. The focus is on the restoration of physical mobility and joint function using targeted exercise programs. A physical therapist in New York rarely works in group session, they work one-on-one with patients because the patient has to have specific programs designed to address the issues and concerns. Many therapists work in close co-operation with nursing homes and hospitals and are considered to be an integral part of the total health care profession.

Patients have many different reasons why they seek physical therapy. It is not unusual for a person who has his or her arm in a cast to seek short term therapy to allow them to wield a pencil or operate a computer keyboard which may be hindered by the cast. Therapy of this sort is short-term but there are many patients who are set for long term treatment, perhaps for the remainder of their life. An individual who has had an operation to remove a brain tumor may have lost a number of motor functions; the physical therapist can teach these long term patients various techniques that help them cope with their situation. Many people are born with a physical disability and spend their whole life in therapy. On a day to day basis the work of a physical therapist in New York depends on the needs of each individual patient, although there is a common framework.

Program Development:
One of the most important aspects of the job is developing patient plans. When the physical therapist in New York first meets with a prospective patient there is usually a dialogue where the therapist gathers sufficient information to determine what has to be accomplished. The therapist may ask the patient to stretch and may give a cursory exam at this time along with a review of the patient’s medical history, charts, etc.

Once this information has been gathered the therapist develops a treat program which builds as time goes by. These programs typically include stretches, the use of weights, massage therapy, traction and heat. The therapist’s task is to select the best exercises for the patient and the patient’s condition, constantly adjusting them as the patient progresses.

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