The Right Jewelry Presentation Box: Adding The WOW Factor

Jewelry, like candy, remains a popular gift for certain special occasions. When Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday rolls around, people often visit a jewelry store to view what is available. Some will know exactly what they want. The majority, however, will have some vague idea. They will want to spend time browsing through what you have. To help nudge customers in the right direction, it helps to have piece on display an attractive jewelry presentation box or display case.

Making Your Product Shine

If you want your products to shine and draw the attention of potential clients, you have to do so subtly. While some stored opt for flashy displays with bright lights and promises, others realize the advantages of promoting their pieces in a fashion that appeals to the subconscious. They utilize an approach that relies on the association between jewelry and elegance.

This does not deny the right of jewelry to sparkle and glow. Subtle lighting will release this quality. However, by displaying the various items under subdued lighting will allow every gem to have its moment without overpowering the viewer. Each item can shine on its own revealing its own potential to delight the recipient. Alternatively, the light may catch the glint of various items within the case but focus on one specific watch, ring or other piece of jewelry.

Making your products shine depends upon proper staging. It is a realization that the jewelry presentation box and the display case is a starting point. Choose the finest and/or the most suitable display case or box, but make sure you pay attention to the details. Failure to comply can result in lost sales.

It is important to make sure that every tray containing every item counts for something. One of the factors, you need to consider is placement:

 * Cases and Boxes: Take care in placing the display cases and presentation boxes. Make sure they are in high traffic areas or use them to create select high traffic regions.

 * Jewelry: Carefully place the select pieces of jewelry into position. Do not overcrowd. Go minimalist rather than have too many items in the display case.

 * Techniques: Use small presentation boxes within larger cases to highlight particular pieces. Allow others to lie stretched out, loose and on material that will work with the piece – contrast or complement

While it is important to consider other aspects of design e.g. lighting and props, everything begins with the placement of the items and the case or display containers.

Jewelry Presentation Box

If you intend to improve your sales, consider choosing the right methods of doing so. Make an informed decision. Choose the right display cases, but do not expect an item to sell without doing everything you can to make the jewelry presentation box and display trays and cases appear as attractive as possible.

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