The RF Ablasion Edmond Process

Have you ever heard of Rf Ablasion Edmond? Rf Ablasion, which stands for Radiofrequency ablation, is a type of medical procedure that utilizes electric current or radio waves that generate enough heat to disturb the nerve conduction on a basis that is semi-permanent. In typical situations, the nerves will be blocked for a period of six to nine months; however, there are some cases that can last shorter than three months or longer than 18 months.

Who is the Right Candidate for Rf Ablasion?

The Rf Ablasion Edmond procedure is best for patients who are experiencing back or neck pain that is the result of facet joint issues, such as what occurs after an injury or arthritis. For these types of patients, the treatment can be used for interrupting the nerves that go right into the various facet joints. It can also be used for patients that suffer from RSD that involves the legs or arms. In these cases, Rf Ablasion will interrupt the sympathetic nerves that are involved in the issue.

There are a number of unusual issues that this process can also be used or, which include various types of abdominal pain, occipital neuralgia and pain from degenerative disk issues. In order to be a candidate for the procedure, you should have responded properly to the trial diagnostic injections. The majority of patients who undergo the treatment have usually tried some other, more conservative, types of treatment such as physical therapy, chiropractic care and anti-inflammatory medications.

Benefits of the Treatment

When a patient receives this treatment, it will disrupt the nerve conduction, which will specifically interrupt the pain signal conduction. This can help to reduce pain, as well as other related symptoms. Almost 70 percent of all the patients will receive a significant block to the nerve that the treatment is intended for.

If you are considering this procedure, you should carefully consider the doctor they use. For a professional and reputable doctor to administer this treatment, contact Darryl D Robinson for more information. His staff will help schedule your appointment so you can determine if you are, or are not, a candidate for this procedure. Visit for more information.

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