The Quality And Style Of Custom Shirts For Men In Dallas

Dress shirts that are commercially available in standard sizes do not truly fit most men. In order to get the shoulders as wide as needed the man has to go a size up, which leaves the collar loose and the arms too long.

The opposite can also happen if a man is thin and tall and has to choose a larger shirt to accommodate the extra length of the torso. The result, in this case, is a loose, baggy shirt that gives an unkempt and poorly tailored look. For some men in Dallas with large or small body frames, finding a shirt may leave them with just a handful of stores, color choices and styles.

The answer to these problems, and most men will have at least one sizing with dress shirts, is to move from those packaged shirts to custom shirts. These shirts are tailored to fit the body and create both a great look as well as an amazing feel when wearing the shirt.

Why Custom?

Aside from difficult sizing issues, owning a few custom shirts for special events, meetings or even for daily wear for business professionals is a must in Dallas. With the somewhat southern casual business dress used in the Metroplex, especially over the hot summer months, a tailored shirt adds a touch of class and professionalism even when it is too hot for a suit or jacket.

The Fit Factor

The beauty of custom shirts is that the tailor can create a shirt that is uniquely yours. It will fit because it has been designed for your body. The shirt will fit cleanly and correctly across your shoulders and chest, giving you room to move easily without adding extra fabric and space.

Additionally, the slope of the shoulders, the length of the neck and even having the shirt tapered to create a slimmer fit through the waist and hips is all possible with a quality tailor. The length of the neck is critical to allow the points of the shirt collar to sit on the chest, not above or too long so they roll upwards.

Finally, and this is where most dress shirts fail, the length of the sleeves will be perfect. With a classic dress shirt, the sleeves should come down to the level of the webbing between your thumb and index finger when unbuttoned, and just slightly below the wrist when buttoned.

Once a man starts wearing a custom dress shirt, he will appreciate the difference. The feel, fit and the quality are obvious and makes this Dallas clothing item a must for any wardrobe.

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