The Quality and Cost of Kitchen Cabinets in Tucson

Before you start shopping for new kitchen Cabinets in Tucson, it is crucial that you have a budget. Since cabinets are hard to change, the decision you make when selecting the cabinets of your choice will ultimately affect the feel of your kitchen in many ways.

Kitchen cabinet selections fall into three broad categories: stock, semi-custom, and custom. The price range within the three categories is diverse, so make sure that you look into as many as possible before you make a choice.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock cabinets are mass-produced and available through home improvement centers and cabinet dealers’ networks. The cabinet parts are available in large quantities and are the same size, stockpiled by manufacturers for quick delivery and installation.

Stock cabinets are available in specified sizes, and modifications cannot be made. A few suppliers will even have stock sizes in their inventory, and all you have to do is pick the pieces and install your kitchen’s cabinetry immediately. The main advantage of these kitchen cabinets is that they are readily available and are moderately priced.

Semi-custom Kitchen Cabinets

These are stock-line cabinets where the manufacturer can make a few simple modifications. However, the modifications are usually limited to width, depth and height adjustments that can be made during production. Some semi-custom cabinet lines offer options for molding or trim when finishing a project.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets are just that. Draw a picture and the manufacturer will build it. Note that not all cabinet manufacturers define custom this way. When they allow you to create your designs, be prepared to pay extra.

Sometimes, manufacturers consider custom as anything ranging from a slight modification to anything you would like. Since most manufacturers start out with basic product lines with standard sizes, modifications like width, depth and height are considered as custom.

In general, the difference between custom and semi-custom manufacturers is the number of changes they would be willing to make to their product lines. A majority of custom cabinet manufacturers offer greater selections of cabinet storage, trims and finish options.

The Window Depot stocks a large inventory of kitchen cabinets in Tucson. Before you choose cabinets, make sure that you go through the various options. Also, remember that custom cabinets do not necessarily create beautiful kitchens, and many award-winning kitchen improvement projects have been completed using stock cabinets.

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