The Purpose Of Precision Line Boring Services Near Me

The demand for precision machining is high. Companies are demanding increased accuracy and better surface finish quality. These are key factors in every aspect of providing machining services, including line boring services. Near me, many companies are striving to meet the demand.

Line Boring

Boring involves enlarging a previously drilled hole. Line boring in engine blocks adheres to this definition. A line boring machine performs this task. Its intent is to make the center of two or several holes collinear. While arguably, the basic technique remains unaltered, some innovations over the past 30 years provide some improvements over previous approaches. The changes embrace the basic types of line boring

• Horizontal Boring Bar

• Vertical Boring Machine

With boring bars, operators often find it necessary to customize. This is particularly true for onsite projects requiring boring. Technicians are able to adjust the specifications in accordance with the design of the machinery and the existing environment. The latter may be limited in space or feature obvious obstructions to using a standard line boring machine.

Precision Line Boring Is Essential

Precision is necessary. This is valid whether the machining project and/or repair work is a simple or more complex procedure. Precision line boring services near me may take hours or months to complete. Precision is essential when it comes to producing the right collinear bores in such machinery as:

• Drive shaft housing boring

• Engine blocks

• Excavator buckets

• Gearboxes

• Hinge pins

• Presses

• Stern tubes and rudder bores (shipbuilding industry)

• Transfer gearbox housings

• Turbines

If the result is not precise collinear bores, problems such as vibration, misalignment, and malfunctions can occur.

Line Boring Services Near Me

If you need precision to create collinear bores, contact professional line boring services. Near me, you can find available several excellent companies capable of providing you with the services you need to get the job right. Before making your choice, be sure to vet them all carefully.