The pros and cons of laser hair removal

For many women, unwanted hair can be an embarrassment; this is particularly true with underarm hair. Conventional methods of removal mean going back and redoing it time after time, as a result, laser removal in Anne Arundel County MD has gained in popularity. Women, who wish to rid themselves of the on-going battle of shaving their underarms; or to suffer the pain associated with waxing, are now turning to this technique. Like everything else, there are social benefits associated with the treatment but there are also certain negative effects which include a risk of skin discoloration and pain during the process.

A laser hair removal device sends light beams to the follicles or hair roots, the light kills the follicles and future hair growth is either eliminated or slowed considerably. Depending on the skin color and the hair color, laser hair removal will work very well or it will have limited effect. The best candidate for this procedure is a woman with light skin and dark hair. It is best to discuss the treatments and the potential benefits with the dermatologist. As not all hair is in the right stage of growth for the treatment, multiple treatments are always required. Although the treatment is designed to permanently remove unwanted hair, every once in a while a maintenance treatment may be called for.

Waxing and shaving the underarm hair can cause darkening of the skin, rashes and bumps as well as discomfort and constant shaving. This is not the case with laser removal in Anne Arundel County MD. Although there may be some element of pain during the laser treatment, it is not much worse than sunburn after the treatment has been completed. Laser hair removal permanently eliminates the issues associated with shaving, the hair is gone, never to return and there is no further possibility of an ingrown hair.

People with olive tone skin or darker skin may suffer darkening of the skin, there also are remote chances of burning or blistering of the skin but this is rare. Any pain is usually confined to the initial treatment but is reduced during the subsequent treatments. Although it may be considered “painful,” this sensation is no more than a mild irritant.

Laser removal in Anne Arundel County MD is one of the many treatments offered at the Aesthetic Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Center. Skin cancer screening and liposuction are common services offered.

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