The Process From Arrest to Bond

No matter the reason you’ve been arrested, the process is usually the same for everyone. If you’ve never been arrested before, however, it can be a little confusing and you may spend most of your time wondering what’s next. However, by knowing how things work, you may not be as confused, as you’ll know what each step is until you’re released on a bond until your hearing.


When you’re first arrested, the officer will let you know why you’re being arrested: DUI, a warrant, assault, burglary, etc., and then they’ll take you to jail.

Once you’re in jail, you’re going to have to wait until you can be booked. When you’re booked, you’ll be fingerprinted, your name and identifying information will be put in the system, and your arrest will be recorded. After booking, you’ll be charged with a crime. In most cases, a standard bond will apply, and you’ll be told what your bond will be. At this time you’ll be able to pay your bond, or have someone pay it for you.

If a loved one is going to pay your Jail Bond in Clayton County for you, they’ll need to speak with a bondsman to do so. They can visit website of many bondsmen in the area in order to find one who can get you out quickly or who is able to take the payment method they need. The bondsman will let them know the percentage of the bond they need to pay, and once that is paid or they have given collateral for your bond, the bondsman will go to the jail to pay your bond.

When the jail isn’t busy, this can be done quickly, but in some instances it can take a few hours for the payment to be processed. Once your Jail Bond in Clayton County is paid, you’ll be released from jail, on the condition that you go to your hearings for your case.

By knowing the process for being arrested, and how the bond process works, you won’t have to be worried about what comes next or if you will be released. While it generally takes longer on busy days, you will be able to be released once your bond is paid, so you know you won’t have to wait the entire time until your hearing.

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