The New Ford Transit Is A Sure Winner

If you have been relying on the old Econoline van in your business you know that it had some drawbacks; you almost needed a step ladder to get in it and when you did the seats left a lot to be desired. Even though it might have been a bit rough around the edges it still got the job done.

Everything that you didn’t like about the Econoline are things that you won’t have to deal with now that the new Ford Transit in Bedford Park is available. The Transit has taken the US market by storm just has it has in more than 100 other markets worldwide.

Inside and outside:

To the casual observer the Ford Transit may not be a raving beauty but for what it lacks in beauty it certainly makes up for on function; and for most van owner’s functionality is far more important than sports car looks.

The Transit is available with two different wheelbases, three different body lengths and three different roof heights. There is an unbelievable large cargo space, as much as 487 cubic feet; this is a whopping 75 percent increase in the space that was available with its predecessor.

Although the Ford Transit in Bedford Park will find its niche in the business end of things, it is also a van that is attractive for passengers as well. The Transit is available with seating up to 15 people.

Under the hood:

The old gas guzzling V8s and V10s that were in the old Econoline are long gone. The Transit is available with three different engines; two operate on gasoline and one on diesel. The gasoline engines are both V6, one is rated 275 horsepower, the other 310. All the engines are coupled to a six speed automatic transmission which drives the rear wheels.

The Ford Transit in Bedford Park may not be the best looking ride but if you are looking for great fuel efficiency, comfort and utility; it is hard to beat. Contact Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn at for more information.

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