The Necessity To Have A Building And Pest Inspection

As the owner of a business it is absolutely imperative that you maintain the building, not only for the satisfaction of customers but also, for the comfort of the staff working on the premises. The more pleasant the working environment, the higher the level of productivity will be. Building hygiene is particularly important if you own a business in the catering industry. Not sure how to maintain the property and keep those annoying pests and vermin at bay? Consider getting a professional company to conduct a building and pest inspection!

Health and Safety Standards

Unless your business property complies with health and safety regulations, you could face legal action. What’s more, customers will look down on your business and you may see a drop in profits. The best way to meet health and safety standards is to arrange for frequent building inspections. During the inspection, a pest control expert will look for trails, droppings, gnawing marks and any other signs of an infestation. Should warning signs be present, the correct steps will be taken to remove pests from the property, whether it is through a biological or chemical approach.

Prevent Diseases

What most people don’t realise about pest infestations is that they are extremely bad for health. Rats carry a wide range of common diseases that are often air bourne and can sometimes prove fatal. A deadly transmitted infection is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), which is spread through rodent droppings. Other diseases you can steer clear of when you get a building and pest inspection completed include:

* Rat-bite fever (RBF)
* Murine Typhus
* Eosinophilic Meningitis
* Toxoplasmosis
* Leptospirosis

Types of Pest Control

Fecal contamination is one of the main ways in which diseases can be spread, but once the infestation has been found, the problem can be dealt with through prevention, elimination and the use of pesticides. When you work with a company for pest control, you can choose between organic pest control or pesticides.

Both offer great benefits, and some methods of each include:

 * Organic pest control – There are a number of organic methods that would appeal to the eco-conscious individual, such as using pheromone traps, sticky traps and insecticidal soap. Oil sprays are also a preferred choice, because they suffocate pests immediately.
* Pesticides – These chemicals are effective for all kinds of pests, making them a versatile solution. Types include Organophosphate Pesticides, Carbamate Pesticides, Pyrethroid Pesticides and Organochlorine Insecticides.

If you want to protect your property investment, get in touch with RIP Integrated Pest Management Services Sydney. Call 1300 668 303 for more information about this company’s services.

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