The Natural Option In Odor Control Systems

There are many different types of facilities and production plants where odor control is a priority. Examples of these types of industries can include solid waste treatment plants, waste transfer sites, animal processing plants and any location where organic waste or volatile compounds, including animal waste, is undergoing microbial decomposition.

There are a variety of different options available as commercial or industrial odor control systems. The most common of these is the air injection systems, but these are costly to install, operate and maintain.

A better option and one that can save significantly on all three areas of installation, operation and maintenance are the use of misting or fogging systems. Designed to use water, or specific odor control compounds dissolved in water, they are effective for use both indoors and out.

Selection Tips

When considering different odor control systems from various manufacturers, look for companies specializing in industrial applications. Many of these companies focus largely on residential or small commercial misting systems and lack the expertise to design an effective system for the demands of an industrial building or outdoor area.

Consider Features

While you may initially think that just the bare bones odor control systems are the best match for your needs, there are some definite advantages of moving up to the more advanced systems.

Look for systems with the size and capacity of pump needed that is also low maintenance as well as designed for the workload you require. This may mean continual operation or it may be operated only during specific times of the day or intermittently throughout the day.

Systems that have fully programmable controls are ideal when there are variations in the times the system is needed. This allows the management team to pre-set when the system cycles on and off, adding to the efficiency and helping to reduce operating costs.

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