The Most Common Types of Painters in the Market

Depending on what you want your end product to look like, there are different possibilities you might have to choose from when it comes to the categories of painting professionals. Here are some of the options offered at Martin’s Quality Painting.

The Designer

The designers are the creative minds of the industry. Studying design involves some art and scientific input. It is not a purely talent driven field, but can be learnt with time. This is also one of the fields of painting with the most opportunities. Interior and fashion designers design fabric, furniture and common wall finishes. It is also one of the fields that are most open. One can find a motivated amateur doing creative designs in the same breath as professionals with college arts degrees.

The Decorator

The decorating painter is perhaps the one most people are most familiar with. They do the common house painting, the closest to the DIY type that many people will find themselves dabbling in at least once in their lifetimes. It is a skill focused field, and often the best way to learn the trade is by improving on the job. Every good decorative painter needs knowledge of the basics, preparing surfaces and an attention to detail. It is also one of the most customer oriented or defined fields. This means the job the decorator does depends a lot on the preferences and instructions of their client. Anyone can be a decorative painter after finishing school. However, the best in the business are often part of professional organizations.

The Industrial Painter

Industrial painters ply their trade finishing building exteriors, Industrial plants and facilities. They do most of the exterior painting in Clarksville, TN. They might also be involved in painting structures like tunnels and bridges, and school buses and public transport vehicles. They paint aircraft and large farm equipment too. They balance protective, decorative and functional aspects of the paint jobs. Just like decorating painters, the best way to learn the trade is on the job.

Regardless of what direction you want your paint job to go, you are always guaranteed that the professional you seek will be within the Martin’s Quality Painting ranks

Do not settle for an average paint job or an unqualified professional. Let Martin’s Quality Painting handle the job for you. Call us today or visit the company at for more information.

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