The Most Common Electrical Repair and Services

Did you know that at least 55,000 home fires a year are caused by electrical faults? And that these fires lead to at least 1400 injuries and $1.4 million in damages? Well, this is an indication that while it may seem like a great idea to fix electrical faults at home, getting a qualified expert is a safer and more sensible option. Here are a few of the most common electrical repair and services that you should have a Gowdy electric handle.

Electrical outlets that don’t work
When an electrical outlet is not work, the first place that an electrician should check is the circuit breaker. If the breaker is tipped, putting it back up is a way to get power supply back. If no breaker is tipped, the outlet could have burned out especially if the area around the plug holes looks sooty. Having the whole system replaced is a great option even if one plug works; it could help prevent an electric fire.

Electrical outlets that are sparking
Nothing that is scarier than seeing sparks flying out of an electrical socket. While at times it is normal, especially when there is a sudden diversion of power to an appliance, most of the times it means trouble. You need to get an electrical repair and services expert to deal with sparking if it is happening repeatedly. The expert will try and figure out if the sparking is being caused by wires that have melted and are coming into contact with each other. Fixing the exposed wires will help avert a fire. The other possible cause of the problem is exposure; the expert will install a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Appliances that cause tipping of circuit breakers
When you have several high-wattage items running concurrently, it can cause an overload on the circuit. When this happens, there are two available options, to move the appliances to a different circuit or to have an electrician install a separate circuit. An electrical repair and services expert will know how to separate circuits in a way that will prevent future problems.

These are all services that you will get when you contact Gowdy electric experts in Charlotte. They take care of all electric problems in the house in the area. Consulting them will help you avoid complicating electrical issues in the home.

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