The Most Common Contaminants That Water Filters In Henderson NV Eliminate

The human body relies on water to remain hydrated, and going without water for an extended period is likely to lead to severe health problems. Accessing water is usually easy, as even individuals that are not located in a city have the option of digging a well to use as a source of water. The problem, however, is ensuring it is clean and safe for consumption, and quality Water Filters in Henderson NV help to alleviate fears by removing the most common forms of contamination.

Sulfur Compounds

Sulfur is usually easy to identify, as it gives off a putrid smell that resembles rotting eggs, and while a small amount of it in water is not known to cause medical issues, the smell alone is enough to make a water source unusable. Instead of dealing with an unbearable smell when drinking water or taking a shower, consider installing a whole home filtration system to filter out this impurity. It will eliminate sulfur quickly and provide a household with clean, non-smelly water.


Metals naturally occur in a water source, and the amount present depends on the location of the well. Most consumers realize they have a metal issue after rings form in their toilets or bathtubs, or when their clothes become stained after being laundered. Not removing an excess of metals will not only make water unsafe to consume, but it will wreak havoc on the various appliances that rely on it for operation.

Bacteria and Parasites

The most dangerous items that are found in a water supply are bacteria and parasites. Failing to address these items and installing Water Filters in Henderson NV may cause those who drink the water to become gravely ill. Recent advancements in filtration technology allow a homeowner to drink their water without concern, as they are capable of removing as much as 99.99 percent of all unwanted organisms.

No one has to live with poor quality water any longer. Priority Appliances offers a variety of filtration systems and household devices that will make a home safe and more convenient than ever. Browse our webiste to learn more and tackle water quality problems once and for all.

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