The Meanings behind Colours of Indian Bridal Sarees

The bridal saree is as timeless in the Indian culture as the wedding ceremony itself. Sarees have been a staple of wedding fashion for centuries, and even Indian women who don’t follow traditional Indian customs and traditions still want the traditional saree on their wedding day. There is something magical about Indian bridal sarees. The colours, designs, patterns, and embellishments create a beautiful piece of material that helps to enhance a woman’s natural beauty while hiding areas of her body where she feels insecure. It’s the perfect wedding day fashion accessory and throughout history, the colours of the different sarees meant different things.

Colours and Cultures Combine

The region in India where a bride hails determines the type of wedding attire she wears. It will also determine the colours or motifs seen on her Indian bridal saree. In some regions, yellow is the colour of prosperity, healing, and religion, being used as not only the main colour of the saree but also as accent colours throughout the wedding d├ęcor. Green can also mean prosperity, and sometimes fertility, being worn by brides who hope to have a prosperous marriage with many children.

Red, and variations of red such as pink, burgundy, and orange, represents good health, fertility, and strong emotion. It’s often the colour used to represent Indian weddings in the movies, giving people the idea that the most common colours for a saree are red, pink, or orange. While white is less common because it’s the colour used for mourning, there are brides who will wear white sarees bordered with bright colours to represent chastity and purity.

Modern Day Bridal Sarees

For women who want to wear an Indian bridal saree, there are many colours and designs available online. You can stick with a traditional colour or opt for a dark blue or bright purple. Sarees are available with lace accents, beadwork, gemstones, and patchwork. Many online designers can custom stitch a saree to ensure a proper fit for your wedding day. There are many women, both of Indian descent and other ethnicities, that choose to wear a saree on their wedding day. With the large selection available from online retailers, it is possible for any woman to find the perfect saree for her big day.

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