The Matrix High Frequency Transformer

Transformers are electrical devices that are capable of transferring electrical energy between two or more circuits via electromagnetic induction. Transformers are generally used to increase or decrease the voltages in electric power applications.

There are different types of transformers manufactured and sold by engineering companies across the globe. These include both low and high frequency transformers. The matrix transformer is a type of high frequency transformer.

History of the Matrix High Frequency Transformer
The first matrix transformer was created in the 1980s and introduced to the world in 1990. The technology of the matrix transformer has been incorporated into numerous designs by various companies and manufacturers.

How the Matrix High Frequency Transformer Works
A transformer is in charge of taking the electricity of one voltage and changing it into another voltage. It can change electricity from high to low voltage. Typical transformers use a single core with multiple windings on the same core.

Unlike the usual transformer, the matrix transformer uses a single winding on multiple cores and maintains the same turn ratio as a conventional transformer.

The matrix transformer may also be referred to as a high frequency matrix transformer. This particular transformer is best for transformers that require high equivalent turns ratios, high frequency, high power, and high dielectric isolation.

Problems Solved with the Matrix Transformer
The matrix has addressed many of the issues associated with high frequency transformers such as leakage inductance, high profile, and hot spots at the center of the core. Many of these have been fixed or minimized with the technology of the matrix transformer. For example, the matrix uses a single primary winding; therefore, the leakage inductance is reduced.

The matrix transformer is designed to be used for circuits operating in excess of 1 Mhz using wide band gap semiconductors such as SiC and GaN.

Where to Find the Matrix Transformer Design
The matrix transformer technology is used in many of today’s high frequency transformers. The best place to find transformers with this technology is to contact engineering and manufacturing companies that offer custom high frequency transformer design. This will allow the customer to specify the technology desired based on sizing and frequency needs.

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