The Many Projects That Can Be Completed by Masonry Contractors in King Of Prussia, PA

The concept of masonry may seem old-fashioned, with people imagining historic brick buildings and stone fences surrounding residential property. Nevertheless, masonry contractors in King Of Prussia, PA are still very much in demand both new construction and repair work.

Foundations and Pathways

Masonry contractors in King Of Prussia, PA may be called upon to build a new stone foundation for a barn or to repair an existing foundation that has deteriorated over many decades. These workers can build stone pathways for property owners who want something different than straight concrete sidewalks.

Siding and Accents

These workers also step in during new construction when it’s time to create the brick or stone siding the property owner has requested. Sometimes the entire house is made of these materials, although it’s more common for the upper part of the siding to be wood and the lower part stone or brick. Another possibility is to add brick or stone accents, such as vertical enhancements alongside the garage doors.

Masonry Walls

Some men and women love the look of the historic short stone walls that function as fences that they decide to hire a contractor to build one. Some masons work primarily with granite and marble, crafting features on residential and commercial properties.


Masons can rejuvenate the look of a brick building with strategic tuckpointing, removing the old mortar and replacing it with new material. Most people have no idea how important the look of the mortar is for the appearance of a building; they tend to just see the bricks. Mortar deteriorates and crumbles over time, however. That gradual destruction of the material can start making a building look a bit dilapidated, even if the people passing by it can’t quite figure out why.

Light Posts and Driveway Markers

Contractors such as Mara Restoration can build other features on a residential property. Light posts made of brick add elegance along the driveway along with providing an important function. Some homeowners, especially those in the country, like to have posts at the end of the driveway on either side as a way of signaling to guests where to turn. Information on this particular contractor can be seen at

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