The Many Benefits of Teflon Spray Coating

When people hear the word “Teflon,” they immediately think “Non-stick coating.” This is technically a correct description of the material and it’s not surprising that it’s the first thought that comes to mind, since people have been enjoying the non-stick qualities of Teflon coated pots and pans for decades. In reality, however, Teflon has more to offer than just a little less friction. Teflon spray coating can provide many levels of protection for the pieces it coats.

About Teflon Coating
Teflon is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Teflon is commonly used to give non-stick properties to cookware. Teflon can be applied in either a spray or powder form, but Teflon spray coating is more common, followed by heat treating the coated part to lock in and harden the protective coating. The coatings are customized to match the application, particularly its temperature and finish requirements. The versatility of Teflon and its delivery methods make it able to be used to coat a tremendous range of parts of different shapes and sizes.

Why is a Teflon Coating Non-Stick?
The PTFE in Teflon is a collection of carbon and fluorine atoms that are strongly bonded together chemically. This tight bond, coupled with the natural electrical repulsing effect of fluorine atoms, causes other atoms to be pushed away. The structure of the molecule puts the fluorine on the outside, surrounding the carbon atom and preventing it from reacting with anything but fluorine. This creates a very low coefficient of friction which allows things to slide easily across its surface. In fact, the coefficient of friction is so low that Teflon is possibly the only surface on earth to which a gecko’s feet won’t stick.

Other Benefits of Teflon
Teflon has tremendous heat resistance and, as mentioned, a chemical inertness that prevents it from reacting with almost anything. This makes it an excellent coating for containers that hold highly reactive chemicals. It also has excellent dielectric stability and it is water and oil repellant. It can also withstand extremely low temperatures. In short, Teflon is a tough coating that can withstand many different stresses, and using it on other parts makes them tougher and more resistant to stress.

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