The Many Benefits of Mobile Pet Scan Exams for Patients in New York

If you, as a doctor or clinic worker, are seeing cardiac patients, then you already know the importance of regular testing. However, if the patient is a senior citizen, is having difficulty being able to travel, or has any other issues regularly making their appointment, then mobile cardiac imaging in New York may be the answer that you are looking for to be able to effectively test them. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to see.

Safe & Sanitary

Mobile PET scanners are a part of clinics that can meet patients on their own terms. They are cleaned and sterilized frequently so there is no need to worry that the patient will be placed in a less-than-sterile environment. The safety precautions are the same as if they were at a traditional hospital.

Patient Convenience

Mobile cardiac imaging in New York is very convenient for the patient. They do not have to travel to their own hospital, which some people are fearful to do during times of a pandemic. They also do not have to stand in line and place themselves at risk by possibly breaking social distancing rules.

No Extra People

With mobile imaging units, there is no need to bring in extra workers to run the machines. They can be handled by the staff who are already in place. This means the patient is not seen by a stranger, only by people with whom the patient is already familiar.

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