The Many Benefits Of Dental Implants

Your permanent teeth are designed to last a lifetime, however, there are many times when this simply doesn’t happen. Teeth can be lost through decay or trauma; this results in poor appearance but as important, if not more so, teeth are necessary to ensure your overall health as well as the health of your other teeth. When you lose one or more teeth there will be a problem with your ability to chew you food properly and when a tooth is lost, the teeth either side will move which creates additional problems. Dental implants in Chicago are the ultimate solution, the procedure is better than bridgework or dentures.

There are many reasons why dental implants are considered to be the best option when restoring missing teeth.

* Made to last: bridges are supported by natural teeth either side of the space left by the missing tooth, typically they lead to problems with the teeth the bridge relies on for support. When properly placed and cared for, dental implants can last for the rest of your life.

* Enjoy life: If you are concerned that a denture will loosen and fall out at the most inconvenient time, when you have dental implants this is not an issue. Dental implants are permanent, they are as strong as the natural teeth they replaced and as the implant is embedded in your jaw bone there is no fear that they will slip or dislodge.

* Eat whatever you want: Removable dentures usually have an impact on what foods you can eat and enjoy. There is no need to hesitate when you have dental implants, you can eat what you want, when you want and enjoy the full taste of your favorite food.

Dental implants in Chicago may be the right choice for patients of all ages that have lost one or more teeth. Your dentist can determine the viability of implants after reviewing you dental history and health.

Dental implants in Chicago are a superior solution for those patients that have lost one or more teeth. To discuss the procedure in greater detail you are invited to consult with Dr. Peter Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.